AGLv1 Clamp

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NOTE: Not compatible with the AGLv2 device.  The v2 is a completely different device.  We are working on a new clamp for the v2 and will update when available.  Item is showed sold out as we produce them as needed.  If you indeed have the v1 AGL tablet, and are interested in this device, reach out to us via our Contact Us page.

As the AthletesGoLive streaming device options continue to evolve, and in effort to get an option available to our customers as quickly and economically as possible, we have decided to offer a 3D printed clamp style mount for the AGLv1 device.  This will allow us to adapt to any changes that AGL decides to move to in the future.

The primary clamp components are constructed of a Nylon and Chopped Carbon Fiber thermoplastic material.  Carbon Fiber, in many cases, is stronger than steel.  Included is everything needed to mount an AGLv1 device to our standard LynkSpyder.

Compatible with our standard LynkSpyder bracket.  Click here for that item.

Included in this item are:

  • (2) 3D Printed Clamp Ends
  • 1/4" carriage bolt
  • LynkSpyder Thumb Nut

Note: If ordered by itself, feel free to select our FREE SHIPPING option when checking out.  The lead time may be slightly longer, but will save you $8 in shipping!

Note #2: Due to the nature of 3D printed material, lead time may be a couple of days longer than normal as we may need to build to order.  We will attempt to monitor the interest in this product and keep anticipated material on hand, but will take time to collect this information.  Please be patient and/or order well in advance of need.