DJI Osmo Action

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The DJI Osmo Action was a camera we were really looking forward to using.  It is a small screw off lens cover and similar features to other small sports action cameras.  It also has a front facing LCD screen that really helps when shooting "selfie" style videos.  There no known issues with this camera.  Our primary hangup with this camera is that it has a fixed Field Of View.  It will work fine for medium to large ball fields.  But small fields (those with short distances from the plate to the backstop) may find that it does not shoot wide enough.  Camera includes WiFi and can be controlled with the DJI app on a smart device.  MicroSD card required (not included).  USB-C charging port (cable not included).

Items guaranteed to be included (as shown in photos):

  • DJI Osmo Action
  • Original Battery
  • Side Door (attached)
  • Lens Cover
  • Aftermarket housing (aluminum)
  • Condition: Used


  • No known issues with capturing video or pictures
  • No guarantee on battery life (external power works well)
  • Minor dings and scratches (see attached photos)
  • US Shipments only

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  • Date: 5/15/2019
  • Source: DJI Direct
  • Price: $349

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