Battery: Jackery 160

Battery: Jackery 160

Device Type: Portable Battery

Manufacture: Jackery

Model: Power Station Explorer 160


  • Capacity: 167 Wh (11600 mAh)
  • Power Output: 100W (150W Surge)
  • Ports
    • USB-C
    • UAB-A x 2
    • 110 VAC (200W)
    • 12 VDC
  • Size: 7.4" x 4.5" x 6.7"
  • Weight: 3.97lb


  • High power output can power large devices.
  • AC power to feed trusted "wall wart" chargers
  • Airplane travel friendly.
  • Powers all modern GoPro cameras via USB-C and USB-A power


  • Small capacity for the price
  • Bulky/Heavy
  • Not airplane friendly


  • A USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 cable is required to power the GoPro HERO 11.
  • Really odd issue with HERO11 Black (most likely Mini as well).  If you plug in the camera and Jackery and let it sit before turning on the GoPro, the Jackery output will eventually read 2 watt output.  When you boot the GoPro, you will receive the "NOT ENOUGH POWER" alarm.  However, if you turn on the Jackery (or plug it in to the GoPro) and quickly turn on the GoPro before the Jackery reads 2 watts, the camera will boot and work perfectly.  A video will be created to explain this.