Surplus Gear

We test everything we recommend to our customers...sometimes we test things we eventually don't recommend to our customers.  That being said, we rarely if ever accept free products from vendors to test.  This frees us up to provide an open and honest review.   For those items, after we have captured everything we want to know, we try to resell to our SpyderNation community.  This includes items that may have a lot of use.  We list everything individually, all at a discount,  and priced based on usage.  The income associated with these sales go back into the equipment budget.  This allows us to test more products and produce better quality media on our social media channels and website.  All products are sold as is and returns will only be accepted if the product does not match our product explanation.  We offer free USPS Priority shipping on most of these products but require signature on items exceeding $100.