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Test #2 for this camera.  In this test, we are simulating running the camera at maximum game settings in a simulated heat environment.  We setup the booth at 38c, which is just slightly over 100f.  Below are the results. 1.) Camera Started 6:41:48 PM 2.) Camera Failure (Heat): 7:10:36 PM (Cam Temp 118.1; Ambient Temp 101.2 degrees) Video Captured: 28 minutes 48 seconds Test Notes: In effort to accurately capture the point of failure, the Rear LCD remained on constantly. It is possible this would increase some heat. Conclusion: Without external means to cool down camera during recording, these settings are not a viable...

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GoPro -

The initial torture test of the GoPro HERO9 Black is complete. In this test, we run the camera at Maximum game use settings. Meaning, the most demanding settings that could be used to record a game and get the shot in frame. For this camera, that is 5K 30FPS at Narrow FOV. This is a torture test, so failure is normal and expected. Here are the results: 1.) Camera Started 10:56:50 AM 2.) Camera Failure (Heat): 11:42:36 AM (Cam Temp 125.3; Ambient Temp 73 degrees) 3.) Camera Normalized Temp: 12:33:00 Video Captured: 45 minutes 46 seconds Time to cool down...

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