Material Updates

As discussed in many different posts, there is a shortage of stainless steel.  This is driving up prices and is causing all kinds of supply chain issues.  When we have material in hand, we maintain same day shipping.  However, during this time of a material shortage, we will update this page with information relating to possible delays.  See below for the latest information by date.

Note: When we go back order, we will fulfill orders in order that they originally come in.  It is not uncommon for all material to be sold by the time we receive it.

(6/12/2022) Spyders and other inhouse items continue to remain in stock with no lead time issues.  We are currently out of RetiCAM Smartphone Clamps but expect to have more in on 6/14/2022.  The SmallRig 11" arms will remain out of stock as the vendor is no longer offering viable pricing.

(4/15/2022) We received some small batch stock of the Magic Arms and more continue to trickle in.

(4/14/2022) SmallRig Magic Arms are in short supply.  Small batches of inventory are slowing arriving, with a couple large shipments on the way.  Below is the link to the same product on Amazon, which is able to fulfill small batch orders (slightly increased price than what we are able to sell)

SmallRig Magic Arm on Amazon (Click Here)

(11/1/2021) All items in stock and shipping on time.

(10/18/2021) Starting today, LynkSpyder will be on the road and shipping on a limited shipping schedule.  All orders will ship in the order they are received.  However, due to travel, schedules may be delayed and inventory may possibly run out before we return.  We will try to fultill orders in a timely manner, but some delays are possible.  Additionally, we will be unable to fulfill custom orders (custom laser engraving and anything 3D printed; ie: AGL and Samsung tablet clamps) while we are away.  Those orders will ship on 10/25.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

(9/26/2021) We are back at it and running full production again.  All orders will ship on time starting Monday, 9/27/2021.  Thank you for your patience as we celebrated one of our daughter's blessed wedding day.

(9/24/2021).  Schedule update: Today, Friday 9/24/2021 will be the last shipping day of the week. We will not be shipping on Saturday 9/25/2021 due to a family wedding. As you know, we are a completely family run business. So there will be no one available to fulfill orders or answer online questions. Apollo the Great Dane guard dog will be at the shop for security. But his customer service skills are lacking. Very sorry for the inconvenience. 

Orders will resume shipping on Monday, 9/26/2021, in the order they were received.

(9/11/2021). We are back from traveling and resuming normal shipping processes.

(9/9/2021) Today through Friday, we will have most of our crew in Ohio to pick up a new machine for the shop. We are still shipping most items on time, but on an intermittent schedule.  This schedule could impact Express orders. Custom and special order items will be delayed until we get back. This impacts custom laser engraving and 3D Printed clamps.  If we run out of stock of any items on the road, those items will ship late Friday or Saturday.  Thank you for your patience.

(5/29/2021 FULLY STOCKED!) We are finally getting material rolling in from multiple vendors on a regular schedule.  We have lots and lots of stock and our normal shipping schedule will resume.

(5/25/2021) We received more material and have worked through the backlog over night.  Shipping real time again.

(5/24/2021) A small backlog has begun.  We are expecting more material this afternoon and will resuming shipments on Tuesday again.  Are vendors have us on track to stay in stock the rest of the week if they are able to honor their commitments.  We will update if there are any changes to this plan.

(5/16/2021) Still fully stocked.  Continuing to receive material from multiple vendors and are finally able to build ahead.  As a byproduct of multi-vendor sourcing, it does carry additional cost.  By reducing the load on one vendor and carrying across 3 vendors, we lose some of our bulk discount.  Additionally, the price of stainless steel has increased 200% in the last couple of years.  This increase will be our first since we started in 2013.

(5/15/2021 IN STOCK) Fully stocked.  Orders placed in the system before 12:30 PM Central today, will ship today.

(5/14/2021 Update #3): We have a full batch of material in hand.  All items will be in stock and ready for a noon Saturday shipment.

(5/14/2021 Update #2): Just heard from one of the steel suppliers.  We should have some material arrive to us at the end of the day.  We will work through the evening and resume shipping in the morning (Saturday).  Will hopefully start the week ahead.

(5/14/2021) All of our remaining stock sold out overnight.  We are waiting to hear from our steel suppliers to see when they can get us back up.

(5/13/2021) Finally out of backlog and have a small amount of stock remaining.  More material is on the way to help us build ahead.  But we do not have an arrival date.  It is possible it will not reach us until next week.  Stay tuned...

(5/12/2001; Part 2): Here's the good news/bad news post of the week: We have whittled down the backlog to just under 50 units (boom shakalaka, as the cool kids say). More material is being delivered as we speak for about 80 units. So we will resume shipping again tomorrow and should have some ship-ready inventory in stock. The bad news is we do not expect more material until next week and the stock will most likely be gone before the weekend. Multiple secondary sourcing trials (additional stainless steel vendors performing test runs) are in process. So inventory could pop up out of nice would that be, right?

(5/12/2021) We received a bit more material and are continuing to ship and reduce the backlog.  We expect more material tomorrow should be out of backlog and will be building inventory (for the first time's been a few weeks).  But that's probably the last of the material for the week and won't carry us through the weekend.  Another secondary vendor is working on trial cuts for us now.  If those trials produce good material, it may add inventory as well.

(5/11/2021 BUILDING ORDERS NOW) We received some material last night to reduce our backlog. However, we still are building to existing orders in the system. We do not have enough stock to build to inventory and will retain a small backlog. That being said, based on when our vendor usually delivers stainless steel, we are turning around most orders in 2-4 days and are shipping orders in the order they hit our system. Shipping (Priority) is then 2-3 days past that.

(5/7/2021 OUT OF STOCK) The vendor that was scheduled to deliver steel today, did not.  So we are out of stock and will not be shipping again until early next week; probably Tuesday.  Very sorry for the additional delays.  We will be reaching out to customers who have open orders with the option to cancel and refund.  We certainly hate to lose your business but recognize that this is unacceptable.  I'm very sorry.

(5/6/2021) Slowly getting material again.  We expect claws today to ship many orders tomorrow.  Vendor is scheduled to get us another complete order tomorrow.  If that happens (and we have no way of knowing at this point) we will go into the weekend with inventory to spare.  Stay tuned...

(5/3/2021) In a backlog again.  Orders still continue to come in faster than our supplier can produce stainless steel.  We received a partial batch tonight and will continue to fulfill orders in the order they hit our system.  Estimate a 2-3 day delay on new orders.

(5/1/2021) Finally!  We received enough material late last night to get all current orders caught up and build ahead a bit.  The production laser is repaired and running constantly.

(4/30/2021) We received quit a bit of material from a steel vendor late last night.  We have been processing it ever since and expect all current orders to ship no later than Saturday this week.  We are waiting for a part for the production laser that is expected to arrive today.  If this happens (and fixes the issue) we should be on schedule.  Hopefully the swarm of locusts and frogs do not follow next week.

(4/29/2021) Current backlog is down to about 120 units.  If the vendor comes through, we should be caught up this weekend.  But as this will deplete our supply again, expect more backlogs next week.  As usual, orders will be fulfilled in the order they hit our system.

(4/28/2021) We received another partial batch of material last night and were able to process, build, and prepare another 50 orders.  We completed up to order #16153.  We hope to receive more partials of orders but do not yet know if this will include Slyder bars (which take longer due to the bend).  We will update today when we know more.

(4/26/2021) In this episode of American Greek Tragedy: So we lost the motherboard on our shop production PC tonight (the primary device that communicates with the laser and I use to respond to customer emails from the shop). So if we haven't responded to your emails, we are getting backup hardware going now and will try to get everything responded to this evening. We received another partial shipment of steel today and have been processing that throughout the night. At least 80 orders have been packed, labeled and will be sent out tomorrow. If you didn't get a shipping notification, hopefully we will get more material tomorrow for your order. Broken record, but we truly are sorry for the delays and are working on a few options to add inventory to reduce delays.

(4/23/2021) Oy Vey!  Here we go again.  We were all set to build product through the night and weekend and our vendor once again did not have material completed.  As it is Friday, they are done for the week.  We hope to get some material again on Monday and resume shipping on Tuesday.  Sorry folks.

(4/22/2021) At this point, the backlog is clear.  All orders in the system have material assigned to them and will ship on our regular schedule.  However, this has once again nearly depleted the inventory and we are awaiting another batch of material from our vendors.  If we receive material again today (which is possible), we will ship on the regular schedule Friday.  Stay tuned...

(4/21/2021) We received another partial batch of material from another suppler late yesterday afternoon.  We worked through the night to process the material and are building order this morning.  We still have a slight backlog but is smaller than we have seen in a couple weeks.

(4/20/2021) We received Slyders from one of our steel suppliers late Monday.  We worked throughout the evening to process this material and build orders in the order they came in the system.  While we processed a huge batch of orders, there is still quite a backlog and we are out of material again.  We are simply selling faster than our vendor can supply.  Very sorry.  We hope to receive more material on Wednesday to resume shipping again Thursday.

(4/18/2021 - 10:00 AM, Central) We are still awaiting confirmation from our steel suppliers on material for this week, including the Slyder bars that are currently holding up shipments.  We will update this message when we know more.

Additionally, we are out of the Adapters and will not receive more until the first week of May.  We will try to find an alternate source but the market lead time on these kinds of items is high.  For the most uses, the SmallRig Magic Arm will allow the same benefits as the adapter.  The double mounting locations of this item will allow larger cameras, such as a more traditional camcorder.  We are also experimenting with a slightly larger magic arm that is a bit beefier.  You can find that item here (Amazon - CAMVATE Universal Magic Arm)

(4/17/2021) We currently have partial material (plate and claws; no Slyders).  Slyders are expected to arrive possibly Monday or Tuesday and orders will ship the following day.