GoPro, HERO12 -

Content is from our Google Doc account.  This page is best viewed from a full sized device (not smartphone).  When the content is no longer live-changing, we will update the format.  Click here to view the Google Doc directly.

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GoPro, HERO11 -

  As is typical this time of year (early Fall), GoPro announced and released their latest flagship action camera, the HERO11 Black, on 9/14/2022.  We have one in our hands and will be performing our typical assessment.  This includes checking things over for compatibility with our product, reviewing updates and new features, heated torture test, etc.  This can be a long process before we reach our final recommendation.  So until that time, we will live update this blog post to reflect our findings.  Check back often as we release our findings. Torture Test Results: 4K/30, External Power, 100F (TEST ID...

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GoPro, HERO10 -

(NOTE 4/26/2022: See below for a viable alternative using the latest firmware) As with all GoPro cameras, it generally takes a few updates after release to fix some of the more common issues.  As is commonly said in the programming world, sometimes this means you just replace the old bugs with new ones.  This certainly is the case for the two most recent firmware updates of the GoPro HERO 10.  If you are running firmware versions 1.3 to 1.4 (the latest version at current date), you will experience issues trying to use external power with the internal battery removed.  As you may...

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