Mevo Start

Because of the new form factor, the tripod mount in the Start is too far away from the lens for our standard configuration.  Below are a few options (Option #2 is what we use and is our primary recommendation):
1.) From us, you can get the Adapter addon which allows for cameras with up to 3.25" from the lens to the center of the tripod mount.  I would only go this route if you might possibly use a camcorder later on.  This mount is very rigid and will work, but you still do not have the ability to add tilt.
2.) The Magic Arm from SmallRig is a really good option.  This allows tilt at 2 points, allowing you to pull the camera away from the fence and still give tilt.  Here is the link and an image:
3.) Lastly, again from SmallRig, the articulating arm is a great accessory to have if you have other heavier devices that you might want to mount later on.  It is overkill for this camera, but I keep a couple in my camera bag for various needs (usually when mounting a DSLR pointed at the batter with a remote shutter trigger)