Setup Instructions

This video series is intended to educate our customers on how to use our product.  If you aren't yet a customer, hopefully these videos will give you some idea of what to look for in a well made sport fence camera mount:

Session 1: Introduction; "Why LynkSpyder"

Session 2: Box To Fence Mounting Instructions

Legacy Videos Below

Note: Some of the items shown in these videos are no longer needed as GoPro cameras have evolved over the years.  When GoPro released the HERO4 cameras, a new battery and battery location were designed, making the older battery eliminator no longer possible.  For the HERO4 cameras, an eliminator cable that plugged into the GoPro 30 pin port in the back of the camera became available to externally power the camera.  However, when the HERO/5/6/7 cameras were released, GoPro again went a different direction.  The 30 pin port was removed, making eliminator cables no longer possible.  However, GoPro made some software changes to allow USB to externally power the camera and NOT charge the battery while recording.  This prevents charging heat from building up and causing the camera to shut down.

Basic Setup Instructions:

Extended Setup Instructions:

Note: For the most part, this video is outdated. For the modern GoPro camera, a battery eliminator is not available, nor is it required. For the newer cameras, we recommend removing the internal GoPro battery and running external power via the USB port on the camera. So keep in mind that this video is mostly for reference.

Smartphone Setup Instructions:

Streaming Hardware Suggestions:

Setting up for Net Backstop: