GoPro HERO10 Black

11/19/2021: After continued testing of this device with the internal battery removed, we are giving the HERO10 a limited recommendation.  Please visit our Torture Chamber Test Results page for suggestions on how to get longer runs for your particular resolution of choice. 
For streaming, we still suggest other options while we wait for GoPro to add digital lens adjustment to the streaming feature.
Source: LynkSpyder Store (Click Here)

Tripod Mount (Required) 
Available as an optional addon in the LynkSpyder Store.  Select the "TRIPOD MOUNT (GOPRO) $6.00" in the optional add-on section.

GoPro HERO10 Black 
Source: GoPro (Click Here)
Test in process; Suggested Camera Settings:
Resolution: 1080 
Frames Per Second (FPS): 60 
Field of View (FOV; Digital Lens): Linear (adjust zoom as need to perfectly crop the shot) 
Beeps: None 
LEDs: None 
Hyper Smooth (Vibration Reduction) Off (fence mounted does not require vibration reduction, and you will lose frame size if used.)
Auto Rotation: Off
Front LCD: Off

SanDisc Extreme SD Card  (256GB) 

GoPro USB Pass Through Door

Anker Portable Charger 20000 (USB-C) External Battery 
Source: Amazon (Click Here) 

Bucket Boss Pouch for Battery 
Source: Amazon (Click Here)