GoPro HERO11 Black

LynkSpyder GoPro HERO11 fence mount baseball softball tennis
3/19/2023: We are working on our official updated recommendations for the 2023 ball seasons.  At this point, we are comfortable recommending the HERO11 Black for recording.  There are complexities in streaming that we will be discussing in upcoming videos.  Additionally, we suggest the following (pending upcoming changes in the latest standard firmware release) settings to mitigate heat related issues
  • Remove the internal battery and run external power only.
  • Record at no higher than 4K for long, full game sessions.
  • Record at 30 fps
  • (optional) It is suggested that the GoPro labs firmware be used in the event that your 10watt or greater external power source caused a false "Not Enough Power" warning.
See the setup information below regarding items we currently suggest for use with the HERO11
Source: LynkSpyder Store (Click Here)

Tripod Mount (Required) 
Available as an optional addon in the LynkSpyder Store.  Select the "TRIPOD MOUNT (GOPRO) $6.00" in the optional add-on section.

GoPro HERO11 Black 
Source: GoPro (Click Here)
Test in process; Suggested Camera Settings:
Resolution: 4K
Frames Per Second (FPS): 30
Field of View (FOV; Digital Lens): Linear
Beeps: None 
LEDs: None 
Hyper Smooth (Vibration Reduction) Off (fence mounted does not require vibration reduction, and you will lose frame size if used.)
Auto Rotation: Off
Front LCD: Off

SanDisc Extreme SD Card  (256GB) 

GoPro USB Pass Through Door

Anker Portable Charger 20000 (USB-C) External Battery 
Source: Amazon (Click Here) 

Bucket Boss Pouch for Battery 
Source: Amazon (Click Here)