GoPro HERO11 Black

Usage Suggestions:
  • Remove the internal battery and run external power only.
  • Record at no higher than 4K 30 fps for long, full game sessions.
  • (optional but recommended) It is suggested that the GoPro labs firmware be used in the event that your 10watt or greater external power source caused a false "Not Enough Power" warning.
  • Streaming is possible, but not the most optimal device due to the potential for disconnects in less than adequate in saturated network areas. 
  • Always cover the LCD with a hat or other means to reduce heat related shutdowns.
See the setup information below regarding items we currently suggest for use with the HERO11
Source: LynkSpyder Store (Click Here)

Tripod Mount (Required) 
Available as an optional addon in the LynkSpyder Store.  Select the "TRIPOD MOUNT (GOPRO) $6.00" in the optional add-on section.

GoPro HERO11 Black 
Source: GoPro (Click Here)
Test in process; Suggested Camera Settings:
Resolution: 4K
Frames Per Second (FPS): 30
Field of View (FOV; Digital Lens): Linear
Beeps: None 
LEDs: None 
Hyper Smooth (Vibration Reduction) Off (fence mounted does not require vibration reduction, and you will lose frame size if used.)
Auto Rotation: Off
Front LCD: Off

SanDisc Extreme SD Card  (256GB) 
Source: BH Photo

GoPro USB Pass Through Door

Anker Portable Charger 20000 (USB-C) External Battery 
Source: ANKER Direct

Bucket Boss Pouch for Battery 
Source: Home Depot