GoPro, HERO11 -

Conditions: Test Chamber: 100° F Camera: GoPro HERO 11 Resolution: 4K / 30 FPS SD Card: Sandisk Extreme 256GB External Power (No internal battery) Results: Test Started: 9/30/2022 11:05 PM Result: Success.  Manually stopped. 10/1/2022 9:43 AM Run time: 10 hours, 31 minutes, 45 Seconds Max camera temp: 133.3° F 4:04 AM Google Sheets Test Data (Click to open)

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GoPro -

The initial torture test of the GoPro HERO9 Black is complete. In this test, we run the camera at Maximum game use settings. Meaning, the most demanding settings that could be used to record a game and get the shot in frame. For this camera, that is 5K 30FPS at Narrow FOV. This is a torture test, so failure is normal and expected. Here are the results: 1.) Camera Started 10:56:50 AM 2.) Camera Failure (Heat): 11:42:36 AM (Cam Temp 125.3; Ambient Temp 73 degrees) 3.) Camera Normalized Temp: 12:33:00 Video Captured: 45 minutes 46 seconds Time to cool down...

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