Mevo Boost Review


Until a full review is complete, the following page is a live-ish (ongoing updates, sometimes coinciding with live events on FaceBook and other sources) review of the Mevo Boost.  Come back for more updates as we find and post.

Here is a live stream on FaceBook that is currently active:

Notes from 4/27/2019:

1.) A couple firmware updates were required when connected the first time.  No issues and was a fast process

2.) THUMBS UP ITEM: When connected to Ethernet, the app (which was on the same network) immediately detected the Mevo.  No configuration change was required to make that happen.

3.) Will need to check this in the field against the iPhone app on wireless.  But I have heard that if the app is not in the foreground, you lose the stream.  This was not the case when connected via Ethernet.

4.) Closing the app that configured the stream on the smart phone did not stop the stream.  So once the stream has been started, the phone can be removed from the process.  This is helpful if it goes out of service.  This is different than when the phone is also the internet provider for the Mevo.  Shutting down in this case or going out of range will kill the feed.

5.) Battery life is very good.  A 2 hour 47 minute live stream using only the Boost as battery (the main Mevo had not been fully charged) left the Boost with 3 of 5 power dots (so, 60% power remaining).