VLC Player

In preparation for another tutorial video (Standard Workflow) I was reminded that we use VLC Player for a lot of things.  VLC Player is a very good free video player with a lot of very useful functions.  In the video, we run through the download and installation process, as well as outlining the process of generating small video clips (we call them "snippets") without a great deal of work.  Watch the video and then check out the list of standard shortcut keys below.


The following are all of the VLC hotkeys, as found on the VLC Wiki page.  We've highlighted yellow the keys we use the most.  One of the most useful (and one we didn't mention in the video) is "E".  Frame by frame forward, accompanied with GoPro 60 FPS and greater video is a great tool for breaking down mechanics.


Ctrl + A Advanced controls
Ctrl + B Bookmarks
Ctrl + C Open capture device
Ctrl + D Open disc
Ctrl + E Extended settings
Ctrl + F Open Folder/Directory
Ctrl + H hide/show menus (a.k.a Minimal view; like in Acrobat Reader)
Ctrl + I Media Information
Ctrl + J Codecs Information
Ctrl + L Hide/Show playlist
Ctrl + M Messages
Ctrl + N Open network stream
Ctrl + O Open File
Ctrl + P Preferences
Ctrl + Q Quit
Ctrl + R Convert/Save
Ctrl + S Streaming
Ctrl + T Goto Time
Ctrl + U Dock/Undock playlist
Ctrl + V Paste Location/Paste MRL
Ctrl + Shift+W VLM configurator
Ctrl + X Load playlist
Ctrl + Y Save playlist
+ faster
- slower
ESC leave fullscreen/close dialogue
space play/pause
Enter select menu entry (dvd)
Arrows navigate menus (dvd)
A cycle aspect ratio
B cycle audio track
C cycle cropping ratio
D cycle deinterlace filters
E next frame (Great frame by frame control)
F toggle fullscreen
G subdelay down
H subdelay up
I interface show
J audiodelay down
K audiodelay up OR next subtitle-track (or none) (??????????????)
L loop
M mute
N next track
O original video size ( adding the black borders to the video )
P previous track
R random
S stop
T position/time
V subtitle track cycle
W wallpaper (does only work with video output DirectX)
Z cycle zoom
Shift + A cycle audio device
Shift + B title next
Shift + G history back
Shift + H history forward
Shift + N chapter next
Shift + O title prev
Shift + P chapter prev
Shift + M disc menu
Shift + R Record
Shift + S snapshot
Alt + A audio menu (English translation)
Alt + C crop / (+shift) uncrop bottom
Alt + D crop / (+shift) uncrop left
Alt + F crop / (+shift) uncrop right
Alt + H help menu (English translation)
Alt + L playback menu (English translation)
Alt + M media menu (English translation)
Alt + R crop / (+shift) uncrop top
Alt + T tools menu (English translation)
Alt + V video menu (English translation)
Alt + Left Arrow jump 10 sec. back
Alt + Right Arrow jump 10 sec. forward
Control + Left Arrow jump 1 minute back
Control + Right Arrow jump 1 minute forward
Control + Alt + Left Arrow jump 5 minutes back
Control + Alt + Right Arrow  jump 5 minutes forward
Shift + Left Arrow jump 5 seconds back
Shift + Right Arrow jump 5 seconds forward