Mevo Start Replacement Base

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NOTE: Removal of the stock Mevo Start base could void the warranty of your camera.  Please contact Logi/Mevo for clarity on this issue if you have concerns.  However, if your stock base is already broken, the warranty is most likely already void.

The Mevo Start camera is a common device used to stream sporting events.  However, this device is far from a sports action camera and is not designed for the potentially violent fence impacts the are involved in, specifically, baseball and softball.  As a result, the stock base/tripod mount can and often does break.  This item is not a replacement part from the manufacturer and is not covered under warranty.  As a result, we have designed a more rugged replacement part for this camera.  With the oversized flat base and an all steel threaded insert, this replacement base will add much more support to the camera when combined with the LynkSpyder Adapter or the HuskySlyder (Coming in early 2022).  This item was developed in-house from a 3D scan of the Mevo stock part and is produced with our industrial 3D printer.  This device produces a part that contains carbon fiber, which provides strengths that rival a steel part at a fraction of the weight and machining cost.  Additionally, we provide the T10 Security Torx bit that is required to remove the 3mm screws that are on your MEVO Start camera.  Lastly, the steel threaded insert has been pressed into the back side of the 3D base against a very strong steel flange; virtually impossible to be pulled out at even the most violent impacts.  Additionally, the insert is hexagonal and therefore cannot spin in place in the event of overtightening.

Compatible with any 1/4"-20 tripod mount our standard LynkSpyder bracket.  Click here for that item.

Included in this item are:

  • (1) 3D Base with steel threaded insert
  • (1) T10 Security Torx Bit

Note: Due to the nature of 3D printed material, lead time may be a couple of days longer than normal as we may need to build to order.  We will attempt to monitor the interest in this product and keep anticipated material on hand, but will take time to collect this information.  Please be patient and/or order well in advance of need.

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