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You know how we like simple!  SpyderTacks are nothing more than magnets, made specifically to fit our standard steel insert wing knob.  But magnets are hard to handle without some sort of housing.  Most (all) of the pushpin style items on the market won't fit our size needs.  They are made with weak magnets that are flush on a cheap plastic housing.  SpyderTacks are made with N50 rare earth magnets with a holding power of 10 pounds.  They are press fit and extend out of our carbon fiber imbibed, 3d printed housing that can handle the heat, UV rays, and other weather conditions provided by a ball park near you.  Holding a ball cap, thin towel, or shirt to a LynkSpyder for shade or identification has never been easier or more secure.  This item includes (4) SpyderTacks.  As with all of our magnetic products, the magnets are North facing to ensure they will never snap together, metal to metal.  As with all of our products, these were designed for ball families by a ball family.


(4) SpyderTacks


In some older LynkSpyders, and possibly recently purchased refurbished units, we used wing knobs with brass inserts.  SpyderTacks will not adhere to these knobs.  If this is your case, we sell replacement kits replacements for all fasteners used.  We also sell a kit of 5 replacement knobs.  In both cases, the wing knobs will include steel inserts that will allow the use of SpyderTacks.