GoPro HERO4 Configuration

The following are the recommended items (based on our own experience) for shooting with a GoPro camera. For the reasons why we chose this specific model, check out our "Recommended Equipment" page.

Source: LynkSpyder Store (Click Here) 

GoPro Hero 4 Silver 
Source: Amazon (Click Here) 

SanDisc Extreme Plus SD Card 
Source: Amazon (Click Here) 

Switronix Battery Eliminator 
Source: Amazon (Click Here) 
Note: The GoPro case back door for the Silver has a small plastic tab covering the 30 pin port. This small tab will need to be removed for this cable to be used. It is an easy modification to the case (not the camera) can be done with a rotary tool or by scoring with a razor blade and breaking with pliers. 

Tripod Mount (Required) 
Source: Now available as an optional accessory in our bracket store  

Anker PowerCore 26800 External Battery 
Source: Amazon (Click Here) 

Pouch for Battery 
Source: Lowes (Click Here)