Not FenceGripz

Sold only on .  When other companies use our name in their google search, it is because they know LynkSpyder is a trusted name in the industry.  Thanks for the compliment, FenceGripz.

LynkSpyder - Quality, Made in the USA, fence mount for sports action cameras.  Leading the way for baseball, softball, and tennis recording and streaming.

Since 2013, LynkSpyder has been Made in the USA by my family in central Missouri.  Whenever possible, we use local vendors and source local material because we feel this is what drives local economies.  We also know how expensive these sports can be, and we work hard to keep costs down and provide the best quality product at the lowest price possible.  We sell direct, to avoid having to add cost for a distributor.  We are constantly innovating, developing new processes and new tools to help our customers get the best shot.  When we started this industry in 2013, nothing else existed; we created it from scratch.  Our goal from the start has always been to provide the most flexible method to safely mount your expensive camera equipment to sports fencing. 

In the world we live in today where other companies steal and knock off our ideas, are you sure you can trust them with your expensive camera?