Welcome to LynkSpyder

Thank you for scanning a product code from one of our customer's LynkSpyders.  LynkSpyder is a small family owned, United States business that spends very little on advertisement.  Making a quality made part and focusing on customer service is how we compete in this very competitive market. 

We go to great lengths to ensure the order experience is a pleasant one and have the utmost confidence in our product.  I'm confident you can ask questions to the owner of the Spyder you scanned, and they will reiterate their experience.  We value each of our customers as they are the LynkSpyder "field sales staff" of our product; otherwise known as SpyderNation!

In short, this is what we feel makes us the best and most diverse product for any fence mounting situation, be it chain link fence, square wire, and net/mesh backstops:

1.) Rugged design with at least 4 points of failure.  Virtually impossible to knock off the fence.

2.) Designed to work on all styles and sizes of fence, including mesh backstops.

3.) Designed to fit any GoPro, and similarly shaped cameras.  Using the optional Adapter Add-on, standard camcorders can be accommodated as well.

4.) 6" x 9" design ensures that enough adjustment is available to properly locate camera in any fence situation.

5.) Laser cut stainless steel construction ensures long life with no rust or corrosion.

6.) Neoprene rubber washers between the main plate and the claws reduce vibrations that a metal to metal joint would otherwise transfer to the camera. 

7.) Same day shipping available, 6 days a week (within standard shipping window; Express same day when placed before 11:00 AM Central;  Other items may ship next day.)

Thank you for your interest, we look forward to adding you to the SpyderNation family,

Josh Greer