Husky Slyder Kit

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The Husky Slyder is designed to accommodate multiple devices on a single LynkSpyder.  With it's larger mounting area, both on the Spyder mounting surface as well as the device mounting surface, the Husky Slyder can accommodate the additional weight and has the room to mount all of the devices you need.  All of the hardware is provide in this kit to either replace an existing Slyder bar, or mount with an existing Slyder.

In this kit, the following items are included:

  • (1) Husky Slyder
  • (2) Step Bolts
  • (5) Thumb Nuts
  • (1) Washer
  • (1) Set Screw
Compatible with any LynkSpyder (not included).  Due to the additional weight, this setup is not recommended for a net environment.