GoPro HERO 10 Launch

NOTE: GoPro has confirmed (via 3rd party) that It is not designed for long recordings, especially in hot environments.  Use with caution.

As is typical, anytime GoPro launches a new device, we track the details that pertain to our product and our market (Baseball, Softball, Tennis, etc.) and pass that information on to you.  Today is Thursday, 9/16/2021 and the HERO 10 will be launched soon.  We will update below in descending order:

Running Bug List:

  1. Camera overheats badly (GoPro has commented.  See below)
  2. Running without a battery on external power will generate a warning about battery temperature.  This turns the LCD off.
  3. External power with internal battery in place continues to allow the battery to drain (STILL INVESTIGATING)
    1. Not able to reproduce.  Possibly related to locked up during SD Card Err.  Ran camera for 12 minutes and battery charge remained same.  No issue at this time.
  4. SD Card Err at high temp on a card known to be good (STILL INVESTIGATING)
  5. Camera lockup after SD Card Err.  Camera will not respond and requires removal of battery to continue.

11/3/2021 @ 7:00 AM

GoPro has released a new firmware for the HERO 10; version 1.16.  This version is intended to fix some of the heat related issues and a couple other bugs.  V 1.15 was released last week for these items but was rolled back due to causing boot loops.  1.16 has been installed on one of our HERO 10 cameras and we will be testing for changes.  Stay tuned...

Note#1: The issue of the display showing a cold battery warning and turning the LCD off when the internal battery is removed has been fixed.

Note#2: (Boooooo!) The new "tripod" mode is designed for stationary use and no wind flow.  This is great for mounting on the fence.  The problem is that it is only in 4K and 5K mode, and they have disabled Fields of View (digital lenses) and zoom.  So wide view is your only option in this mode.  Not good!


Please visit our torture test page on possible workarounds for the known heat related issues with this camera.  In short, removing the internal battery will help reduce the shutdown limit.

LynkSpyder Torture Test Results

Click here for the mounting recommendations for the HERO 10

9/27/2021, 7:00 AM

So while GoPro tech support is still having us run through the diagnostic paces to "fix" our HERO10 (re-flash firmware, replace SD cards, etc.) they are telling other outlets that there is a known heat related limitation with their new camera. But they are saying it is by design because the majority of their customers don't record long clips. So unless we hear different from GoPro, their new camera cannot be used for recording sporting events in most circumstances. Therefore, unless something changes, we are officially recommending our customers avoid this camera.

“The HERO10 is engineered to support what we know a majority of HERO owners use the camera for: to shoot shorter clips in environments with natural airflow.” - GoPro

9/20/2021, 7:00 AM

Testing is going from bad to worse.  Today we used one of our tried and true 64GB Sandisc Ultra Extreme cards to reproduce the test, wondering of the 128GB card was causing us issues.  This test produced an SD Card Error (no known issues with this card).  It also identified a camera lockup issue, similar to the HERO6, when GoPro introduced their new GP1 chip.  Lastly, it does not look like the camera is running on exclusive external power when recording.  The camera doesn't show charging (which is normal).  But the battery starts to drain.  Unfortunately, we can't get the camera to run long enough to know what happens when the battery gets too low on external power.  I suspect that when it hits 10%, it will shut down.

 9/19/2021, 12:09 PM

We spent some time on a support chat with GoPro to get more information on the heat failure issue.  The only direction we have received from GoPro was to manually update the firmware.  We will try this, but don't feel that is the issue.  They also asked what SD card we were using.  So we will certainly be testing with a different card next 

9/18/2021, 1:15 PM

So this is a new situation for us. We've been testing GoPro cameras for several years and have recommended them since we started. I'm hesitant to report much further as the issues we are seeing could be related to the specific camera we are using (possible defect). But testing of the HERO 10 is not going well. None of our tests have exceeded 20 minutes before heat related failure. The last test was a 2.7K/60 on battery at 100 degrees. We've never seen a camera of any brand fail this badly. We will be reaching out to GoPro to find out if they have any comments. But at this point we would not be able to recommend this camera until we learn more about the heat related issues.

9/18/2021, 11:25 AM

Second test did not yield much better results. 20 minutes before heat stroke, at camera temp of 115 degrees F. For this test we removed the internal battery and run exclusively on external power. Once new point to note with the HERO 10: The back LCD will not stay on without the internal battery. A warning about cold battery temp was displayed. Not sure if this can be turned off. But it is a huge disadvantage to not be able to use the LCD. Another note on both of these tests is that WiFi has been turned off.

9/18/2021, 9:13 AM

We began a heat test in our LynkSpyder Torture Chamber today.  Set the camera to 5K 30 FPS and ran on battery.  Booth was set to 100 degrees F.  Camera only made it 14 minutes before heat stroke at 116 degrees F.  While we will be doing other tests (and will repeat to make sure this was an anomaly) clearly this will not do.  One other note that was new to previous camera tests.  We used a 128GB SD card.  We will try the test again with the 32GB card used in previous tests.

9/17/2021, 5:00 PM

While at the test field today, we took some sample video.  One of the things we wanted to do was see if we would see how wide we could shoot without fence in the shot.  This turned out to be Wide FOV (Digital Lens) at 1.3 zoom.  Note, at Linear FOV, zoom is not available.  Make sure to set the quality to the max on playback.  Works best on a 4K or larger device and full screen.

GoPro HERO 10 Test - 5.3K/30 Linear FOV, No Zoom

GoPro HERO 10 Test - 5.3K/30 Wide FOV, 1.3x Zoom

9/17/2021, 12:45 PM

Initial mounting tests of the GoPro HERO 10 went well, as expected. The camera has the exact same dimensions as the HERO9. So there were no concerns about mounting compatibility. But always a good idea to get product pictures before the abuse that we will put the camera through ensues. Next stop, the infamous LynkSpyder Torture Chamber.

9/17/2021, 11:00 AM

GoPro HERO10 arrived today. Best Buy online beat GoPro direct. The GoPro order looks to arrive tonight. So as we say in central Missouri, the torture test is fixin' to commence. We will put it through all kinds of trial in our heated chamber to see how it does at various settings.
Stay tuned. Charging for a bit and headed out to the test field shortly...

9/16/2021, 9:59 AM

Ray from DC Rainmaker was able to confirm that Digital Lens (FOV) and zoom adjustments are STILL NOT available on the HERO10 while streaming. We have been pinging GoPro on this for 3 years. Can't seem to get through to them why it is needed. Also, Ray has a great review of the HERO10 here:

Ray also mentions that the Max Lens mod will not work with the HERO10 until GoPro pushes a new firmware update in November.

9/16/2021, 8:40 AM

Does not appear to be in stores yet (at least none we can find locally).  We have one on order from GoPro and will be performing our standard tests when it comes in.

9/16/2021, 8:12 AM

Launch was made official on YouTube.  But not much more available at this time.  Links to the device on GoPro are broken and no other vendors that we have seen are listing that device yet.  Reviews (people who already had the device but can now talk about it) are coming in.  Wired has a pretty good one here:

9/16/2021, 5:55 AM

GoPro updated the Quik app to reflect the new camera.  Not really any new information in the app that we can see.

9/16/2021, 5:30 AM

I'm sure Adorama wasn't supposed to, but they have the HERO 10 listed on their store already. So this allows us to confirm some things:
1.) List price of $499
2.) Looks to be in stock, so should be available today from other outlets as well.
3.) Exact same body design as the HERO 9. This is important as it means all existing mounts and mods will be compatible. So while we will be testing in more detail, it will fit on any LynkSpyder just fine. It also means that things like the Media Mod and Max lens will work too.
What is not confirmed yet and what we are most interested in: Will digital lens adjustments be available in livestreaming?
Other items confirmed that were leaked earlier:
1.) New GP2 processor
2.) 5.3K 60fps video