LynkSpyder Torture Chamber

We get asked a lot about why we recommend some cameras over the next. For instance, we took a lot of heat for continuing to recommend the GoPro
HERO5 for years, over the HERO6 and HERO7. The short answer is, we thoroughly test all of the devices we recommend. As the HERO9 testing is in process, we thought we would show you the "LynkSpyder Torture Chamber". We modified this standard incubator with internal AC/USB power, thermocouples, and an LCD data screen. The incubator will hold fairly steady temperature from cool-ish to very hot. Internal AC/USB allows us to power devices inside the box and still keep the door closed. The 2 thermocouples measure temperature on the camera as well as inside the box. The LCD screen captures and displays all of the live data, which updates every second. We point the camera we are testing, as well as an external camera (outside the chamber) at the LCD and record with both cameras. This allows us to review the data at and through the point of failure. We test various configurations (Wi-Fi, no battery, high resolution, streaming, etc.) and use this information to make recommendations much faster, rather than having to wait until the following year to test in the heat of the summer. We do this to ensure you can enjoy a day at the ballpark problem free.