Silly Tech Season 2022

Every year around Fall, phone and camera makers often announce their new gear.  If there is a device that we think could be used in a sports environment, we certainly keep an eye on it.  If we think there is merit, we will buy one and put it through a litany of sanity and torture tests.  We share that data, so you can make more informed purchasing decisions.  So with that in mind, the items below are what we are currently tracking this year.  We try to stay away from rumors.  So there may be more information available than what we will post.  If the information hasn't been confirmed by the manufacturer, we will post a "?" beside the information.  Keep checking and we will update as we continue to receive information:

Just a reminder, there may be several announcements made.  However, we will only be reporting on items and features that we feel relate to recording and streaming baseball, softball, and tennis.

(UPDATED 10/6/2022 @ 11:00 PM Central)


Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro were announced on 10/6/2022

Featured discussed (7 and 7 Pro respectively):

  • 50MP rear camera
  • Pixel 7
    • Amoled 90hz Screen (FHD)
    • 8GB RAM
    • 4355 mAh Battery
    • 2 rear cameras
      • 82° to 114° FOV
    • $599 (Starting)
  • Pixel 7 Pro
    • LTPO 120hz Screen (QHD)
    • 12GB RAM
    • 5000 mAh Battery
    • 3 rear cameras
      • 20.6° to 125.8° FOV
    • $899 (Starting)
  • 30W fast charging
  • Aluminum housing
  • Tensor 2 Processor (new)
  • Available for preorder 10/6/2022
  • Shipping 10/13-14/2022


Osmo Action 3 - "Looking for those who go beyond" Event on 9/14/2022, 7 AM Central

Features discussed:

  • Similar style as original Osmo Action
  • Appears to be the same sensor as the Action 2
  • Max resolution 4K/120fps
  • Updated RockSteady 3.0
  • Fast Charging
  • Price $329
  • Shipping 9/14-9/21

Not discussed and/or concerns

  • No discussion on adjustable FOV, and the FOV is wider than before
  • No discussion if FOV adjustment when streaming is possible.
  • No tripod mount on the camera.  Device uses similar magnetic mount from the Action 2.  We found this to be a risk to dislodge the camera on impact.
  • Features discussed do not make this an exciting offering for recording and/or streaming baseball and softball.

NOTE: Due to the use of the magnetic base we found to be problematic in the Action 2, we will not be pursuing further testing of this device.


HERO 11 & 11 Mini - "Goes to 11" event on 9/14/2022, 8 AM

New Features:

  • Slightly larger 8x7 sensor (taller than the HERO10 sensor)
  • 120Mbps bit rate at 5.3 and 4K
  • HyperSmooth 5.0 (which doesn't help when mounted to the fence)
  • Same body style as HERO9 and 10, which means those generation of accessories will fit this new camera.
  • HERO11 Price $399 (with purchase of annual agreement) available now
  • HERO11 Mini Price $299 (assuming agreement required) and available on 10/25

Not discussed and/or concerns

  • No discussion regarding addressing heat related issues that impacted the 10.
  • No discussion on FOV adjustments while streaming
  • Media MOD had known audio issues on the 10.  Unsure if similar issues will exist with the 11.
  • Minimal update.  Not much to be excited about.



"Far Out" Event on 9/7/2022, 1:26 PM Central

iPhone 14 6.1" and iPhone Plus 6.7" (no Mini discussed)

  • Hard ceramic shield, available in 5 colors, A15 chip (5 core GPU, 6 core CPU), iOS 16
  • 12MP main camera, larger sensor, better low light, more apertures.
  • 12MP front camera, auto-focus
  • Dolby Vision HDR
  • eSIM; no SIM tray (Our opinion: Not always a good thing)
  • G force detection (Note: A fence impact may trigger emergency service)
  • iPhone 14 $799 available for pre-order on 9/9; available on 9/16
  • iPhone 14 Plus $899 available for pre-order on 9/9; available on 10/7


iPhone 14 Pro 6.1" and Pro Max 6.7"

  • (same new features as above)
  • No notch; dynamic island (not a related feature....but seems to be popular)
  • Pro Display; 1600 nits; 2000 peak nits
  • A16 Bionic Chip (new) 17000 comps per sec; 1hz refresh rate
  • 48MP quad pixel sensor main camera (12MP photo size)
  • Apple ProRaw at 48MP photo
  • 2X Telephoto and Ultra-wide cameras (not tied to features above)
  • 4K 24/30 fps ProRes Video
  • Action Mode Stabilization (Opinion: not needed when fence mounting)
  • iPhone 14 Pro $999 available for pre-order on 9/9; available on 9/16
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max $1099 available for pre-order on 9/9; available on 9/16